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Can Facebook & Instagram Advertising Really Help My Business Grow?

Yes, absolutely.  But, only when executed and managed correctly. Facebook and Instagram ads help new customers find you.  This is called passive marketing and is great for building brand awareness, launching a new product, or retargeting customers.
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How Do We Do It?

We don’t just create the campaign and hope for the best. We monitor and tweak the campaign until you get the desired results. A successful campaign has 3 main steps to it:


Step 1: Research

Who is your target market?  What do we want them to do, exactly?  What is your USP?  What do your competitors´ads look like?  How can your ads provide value in a unique way?

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Step 2: Development

We create various versions of your Facebook/Instagram ads, all of which will be launched and monitored.  

Step 3: Ad Monitoring, Analysis & Optimization

We monitor your ads on a weekly basis, observing which ones are successful and removing those that are making the least impact.

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