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Google Ads For Lawyers Is Our Specialty

Get more clients with quality firm marketing
Google Ads For Lawyers

Google Ads For Lawyers

  • Are very effective
  • Deliver fast results
  • Target ideal clients

Our Google PPC campaigns for lawyers are optimized to:

  • Maximize your ROI
  • Convert more clicks into phone calls
  • Eliminate underperforming keywords

Google Ads for lawyers is not about brand awareness – it’s about action. 

Will Google Ads Be Profitable?

  • We discover which legal services will generate profit based on the search data
  • We calculate the average cost per click in the greater Houston area + the projected conversion rate to demonstrate profitability

Create Ninja-like Keywords & Phrases

This is where we get nerdy.  A few of the things we look at:

  • What keywords are people using
  • Amount of searches for those keywords
  • Negative keywords (to eliminate non-relevant clicks)

The key to any successful firm marketing campaign is attention to detail.   

Google Ads

Make Stunning Landing Pages That Convert

  • A quick 3-8 seconds is all you have to convert that click into a lead
  • High conversion rates = world-class design + a clear call to action
  • Your landing page is where the magic happens.  It’s also where a potential client ¨lands on¨ after clicking your ad

Extensive Testing + Reporting

A successful digital marketing agency will always include:

  • Continuous tracking
  • Landing page testing + tweaks for optimization
  • Frequent keyword monitoring
  • Regular adjustments to ad delivery, placement, bidding, device targeting, and run time

With any great digital marketing agency, there is no such thing as ¨set it and forget it.¨

Google Ads For Chiropractors

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