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Google Ads For Lawyers 101: 7 Tips To Gain More Clients

Google Ads For Lawyers

Marketing and advertising in the law industry is a tough cookie to crack, especially when it comes to advertising on Google. In the old days, all you’d have to do was purchase a yellow page ad, and the calls would pour in. We all know that, in today’s market, your leads will quickly dry up if you’re not doing a great job of marketing online.

So, how can you generate the quality leads you need with PPC Google Ads? In this blog post, we’ll cover some common challenges lawyers face and seven ways you can overcome them to secure more clients using PPC Google Ads.

The Challenges Of Google Ads For Lawyers

You already know the competition is fierce in the law industry. But, exactly how competitive is it? According to Word Stream, the keywords ¨Attorney¨ and ¨Lawyer¨ are in the top 10 most expensive keywords, at $47 and $42 per click, respectively. It’s no stretch for some law firms to spend $50,000 or $100,000 a month on PPC Google Ads.

While this may sound a little insane, they’re doing it for a reason; because it’s working. It’s working largely because they have the proper campaign management in place to ensure they are stepping around pitfalls and successfully catching their target clients.

There are two main challenges lawyers face in today’s PPC Google Ads market:

1. Quality Leads
¨This one is a bit of a gamble for everyone. Many times, you’ll spend $500 to convert a click into a client that will bring in a case that makes us $2,000. Other times we’ll catch a bigger fish and land a $75,000 case¨ says a local Houston law firm client.

2. Unrelated Searches
Searches such as ¨how to be the best divorce lawyer¨ can cost you a grip if you’re not slick with negative keywords.

Ok, so we’ve outlined some of the obstacles lawyers face with online advertising. Let’s now take a look at the solutions.

#1 – Research The Competition & Stand Out From The Crowd

Research Your Competition

We’ve just talked about how competitive the law industry is with PPC Google Ads, and you know you have to make yourself stand out from the crowd one way or another. Begin by investigating your opposition. See what the competition is like in your area — research what keywords bring up ads in your general vicinity. There’s no need to become obsessed with spying on your competition. Just see what ads are in place and make yours better.  Use tools like Spyfu and Keyword Planner to help.

Ok, so what can you do specifically?

– Create a strong call to action that catapults the user into action right away
– Implement all ad extensions to take up as much space on the SERPs (search engine results page) as possible
– Highlight what makes you the best choice
– Make sure your landing page is designed to convert (minimalistic design, clean layout, and provocative ad copy)

#2 – Ninja Geotargeting

I know this one sounds like it came straight out of the PPC 101 textbook, but it’s often not handled properly. Many times people think they should target their entire state for relevant cases, but they forget one crucial detail; people generally don’t want to travel farther than necessary.

The best approach is to dial in your exact radius that makes sense for your business and region.

If you have multiple offices, make separate campaigns for each office so you can target as accurately as possible.

To set up your location targeting in Google Ads, go to the “Settings” tab, then “Locations,” then select city, region, or postal code. To get more granular, go to “Advanced Search,” and target by radius.

With each click potentially costing you more than lunch for two at the Outback Steakhouse, make sure you double-check each campaign to make sure your geotargeting is on point.

#3 – Craft Relevant Ads That Speak To The User
Relevant Ads

We’ve all heard the expression ¨It’s not what you say; it’s how you say it.¨ This is very much the case when writing ad copy. It must be clear, concise, and provoke user action right away, or you will most likely lose them forever.

Relevancy is key in every industry, but in law, it will make or break your campaign.

For example, when someone Googles ̈divorce atty near me¨ you’re more likely to pick up clients if your ad speaks to them and addresses their specific questions related to family law. It’s also important that your landing page guides them through the FAQ and common questions they may have.

On the other hand, if someone Googles ̈personal injury lawyer ̈ your ad should speak to them directly about personal injury law with language like ̈we’ll get you more money ̈. Make sure you use layman’s terms and write the way you speak. Avoid phrases like ̈maximum compensation ̈.

So, what’s the best approach? Structure your keywords, landing pages, and ads to match what the user’s intention is. If they need a little more nurturing before action, make sure you have quality content, so you stay in the forefront of their mind for later consideration.

#4 – Phone Calls Are The Top Priority

An $80 phone call is worth more than an $80 click, so being ready for all phone calls coming in is paramount. We all know that mobile searches are conducted more often than desktop searches.  Therefore, call-only campaigns can be a great option for many lawyers.

1. Use Call Extensions

Such a small detail makes all the difference.

2. Track Every Call

Call tracking on landing pages is very important so you can make more informed decisions on how to allocate your spending budget. For example, once you start to see a pattern with the times of the day phone calls come in, you can increase mobile bids during those times.

3. Always Have A 24/7 Answering Service

In today’s competitive market, you can’t wait a few hours or days to return a phone call. You have to catch the lead and convert them into a client right away. Make sure you have a call center or dedicated staff to handle calls during off-hours and make sure the employees are trained to follow a script. When an emergency call comes in, always have a lawyer on standby to handle the situation.

#5 – Use Videos On Landing Pages

Video Landing Page

When I’m looking for an important service, I want to feel a connection with the person I hire. Connections are made or lost quickly in a face to face meeting. That is, first impressions are made within the first 7 seconds, and they are hard to change after that. Crafting a great video on your landing page is your opportunity to make a personal connection with potential clients, before sitting down with them face to face.

News flash; in general, lawyers have a bad reputation. It’s even more important to allow your audience to like you and want to work with you. Something as simple as explaining FAQ, or how a typical process goes, will make your potential customer feel a bond with you.

Client testimonials are also valuable, especially in areas of ethnic diversity. People of a diverse ethnic background will feel a deeper connection if they see that you are helping other people like them.

Some tips for the videos:

– Make them short, 1:30 maximum
– Always have a lawyer introduce the services provided, FAQ, or whatever info you want to get across. Client testimonials go next.
– Make sure you have good lighting
– Be comfortable, and relaxed
– Write the script in advance, get a second opinion or editor to review it. And, practice it in the mirror, so you feel comfortable in front of the camera.
– Finally, talk slowly and clearly.

#6 – Always Have An Online Chat System

We all have those friends that return calls with texts. So, it comes as no surprise that many people want quick answers without making a phone call. Emails don’t work well unless you already have the client onboard, so you need to have an online chat system. There are tons of questions that can’t be answered with FAQ’s or videos, so all web pages need the chat window with someone to reply quickly. Having a quick response is crucial to keep the communication going, and can bridge the gap between the initial click and phone call.

#7 – Track & Analyze Everything

As with any marketing plan, you have to track and analyze your data so you can tweak and improve your campaign. One of the most expensive cost per click (CPC) industries is the law industry, so this must be handled with diligence and consistency. Anyone who’s made it through law school and the bar could easily DIY their own PPC Google Ads campaign and learn the ropes with the right amount of time and dedication. The question is, how is your time best spent?

“You’re going to end up spending a shit ton of cash that goes right in the trash bin. Contract somebody who specializes in PPC ads for lawyers,” says the managing attorney at an undisclosed Law office in Houston. “No legal advisor has sufficient energy to track results and strategize their PPC campaign. If you go at it solo all you will do is end up spending a huge amount of cash to get nowhere,” he concludes.

In summary, any PPC Google Ads campaign for lawyers must be handled with expert precision to avoid throwing precious marketing down the drain. Make sure to:

1. Stand out from the crowd
2. Implement very accurate and specific geo-targeting
3. Make ads that speak to the user
4. Prioritize phone calls
5. Use videos on landing pages
6. Always have an online chat system
7. Track & Analyze everything

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