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Google Ads For Lawyers We Deliver Home Runs

Digital marketing agency to grow your firm.

Google Ads For Attorneys

  • Are results-driven
  • Bring in quality leads
  • Deliver fast return on investment

Our Google PPC campaigns for lawyers are optimized to:

  • Maximize your profit
  • Eliminate keywords that aren’t performing
  • Target potential clients looking for your services

Get your phone ringing with law firm marketing.  

Are Google Ads Profitable?

  • We discover which legal services will yield profit in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex
  • We determine the average cost per click + the projected conversion rate to establish profitability

Create Beautiful Landing Pages That Convert

  • This is where your potential clients ¨land on¨ after clicking your ad
  • You have 3-8 seconds to provoke action; make it count
  • Your landing page is directly correlated to your conversion rate and will make or break your campaign

Most any online marketing agency can get you clicks.  We do that too, but with more conversions. 

Frequent Testing + Reporting

Profitable PPC for lawyers must include:

  • Non-stop tracking
  • Extensive keyword monitoring
  • Landing page testing & adjustments to maximize conversion rates
  • Regular adjustments to ad delivery, placement, bidding, device targeting, and run time

Does your digital marketing agency ¨set it and forget it¨?

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