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Google Ads For Lawyers Grow Your Firm

Your digital marketing agency to get more quality clients
Google Ads For Lawyers

Google Ads For Lawyers

  • Help grow your firm
  • Target ideal clients
  • Maximize ROI

Our Google PPC campaigns for lawyers are optimized to:

  • Boost conversions
  • Bring you more quality clients
  • Remove underperforming keywords

A premier digital marketing agency for lawyers in Dallas / Ft. Worth

Will Google Ads Make You More Money?

  • We discover which legal services will yield profit in the Dallas / Ft. Worth Metroplex
  • We determine the average cost per click + the projected conversion rate to establish profitability

Create Rigorous Keywords & Phrases

This is where our nerdy side shines.  Some of the things we look at:

  • What keywords are hot
  • Search volume for those keywords
  • Negative keywords (eliminate keywords eating away your ad spend)

The key to success for any digital marketing agency is attention to detail.   
Google Ads

Build Brilliant Landing Pages That Convert

  • This is where a potential client ¨lands on¨ after clicking your ad – it’s also where calls to your office are initiated
  • You have 3-8 seconds to convert a click into a lead – make it count
  • High conversion rates = killer design + a clear call to action

Thorough Testing + Reporting

Lucrative PPC for lawyers should include:

  • Steady tracking
  • Regular keyword monitoring
  • Landing page optimization via A/B testing
  • Consistent adjustments to ad delivery, placement, bidding, device targeting, and run time

Our campaign demands a digital marketing firm with a comprehensive approach.  

Agenda Media Group

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