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We understand the impact and importance a successful SEO campaign can have on your business. When your target market conducts an online search, it’s our goal to make sure your business ranks as high as possible. The way people search and the keywords they use doesn’t always provide the results you’d hope for. It’s our job to hit that moving target.

At Agenda Media Group, we provide SEO services in Puerto Vallarta for a wide range of businesses. We optimize websites and create specific SEO campaigns based on the information you provided. We conduct our own research and meet with you to ensure we have the most accurate and detailed information to best understand your business and its goals. We take the time to get to know your business to yield the best SEO campaign results possible.

Over the years, we’ve grown from just working with businesses in Houston, to working on an international level. Your business wants results, and we’re an SEO agency that gets them for you. We have a partner-first attitude and we’re focused on driving results for you.


When we first started out, we came across a unique market in Houston. Many of the local businesses had a lacking online presence and we wanted to capitalize on that. We started out by targeting car dealerships and have since expanded tremendously.

We have since grown to work with businesses in Puerto Vallarta. We love letting our work speak for itself, and that’s one of the largest reasons we’ve become a trusted Puerto Vallarta SEO expert.


We’ll take your SEO strategy to the next level. We’ll analyze your existing SEO strategy, if you have one, and turn it into a highly converting, lead-generating machine. Don’t believe us, see what some of our existing clients have to say.


We noticed a need in Puerto Vallarta for businesses to improve their online presence, along with there they ranked on search engines. Specifically, we honed in on car dealerships and found that the results were less than favorable for these Puerto Vallarta car dealerships. We began working with several of these Puerto Vallarta car dealerships to show them what we were capable of and they quickly found themselves with increased website traffic and in-person sales.

As these clients saw success, other dealerships began reaching out to explore the benefits of our Puerto Vallarta SEO services.

As these clients saw success, other dealerships began reaching out to explore the benefits of our Houston SEO services. This large influx of customers led to us becoming one of the most successful agencies for Houston SEO services.


See how our premier SEO Puerto Vallarta SEO services can help grow your business.

Local SEO

As a full-service Puerto Vallarta SEO firm, we understand the importance of building a local brand. Our in-depth approach involves us working directly with you to boost your SEO rankings on a local, and potentially national level. Clients big and small use our services to boost their local SEO rankings.

National SEO

When working with national brands, we involve everyone necessary to ensure a successful campaign. This is our way of getting to know everyone and understand the goals of this SEO campaign to yield the best results. As a Puerto Vallarta SEO service provider, we’re always happy to speak to clients around the country to see what is and isn’t working with their existing SEO strategy.

Technical SEO

With a wide range of services, our team is well-versed in all things SEO and marketing. Our technical SEO strategy includes crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture to ensure the highest results for your business.

Content Writing

Need to boost your website’s content? Our cutting-edge content writing team specializes in a wide range of services to position your business as a thought leader in your industry. Our content writing services include SEO, landing pages, blog writing, press releases, product descriptions, and any other content needs you may have.

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