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SEO For Dentists

Take your SEO strategy to new heights with Agenda Media Group. We’ll work with you to boost or create an SEO strategy that helps grow your business, attract new patients, and rank higher on different search engines.

SEO is more than just loading your website full of keywords in hopes that it will appease search engines.

We’ll help you break down your SEO strategy, recognize its weaknesses, establish new goals, understand your competitive landscape, and provide you with high converting leads to increase revenue.

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First things first. SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and is a crucial element of today’s online marketplace. When search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing index webpages, they are determining which pages should rank higher in the search results for a given topic. For example, when someone searches for “teeth cleaning”, Google’s search results could show results of how to clean one’s teeth, products to clean teeth, and locations where teeth cleanings occur. This is a search that could yield many different types of results as there is a lot of competition for it.


A strong SEO strategy is essential if you want dental service to organically rank highly amongst search engines. Behind every search there is intent. It could be intent to learn more information about a given topic or product or find where a given service is located. There are numerous different reasons for someone’s search intent, which is why it’s important to optimize your website for search engines to properly index your website.

SEO helps you rank higher in search results, establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, promote your services and brand to more prospective customers, and more. SEO is crucial and before diving into it, you should understand what you want to rank for and how you want to position your brand.

If you need assistance doing so, get a free quote today to see where you currently rank.


When someone conducts a search and is looking for “teeth cleaning near me”, will you be one of the results that shows up? If the answer is yes, that’s good, but where do you currently rank amongst your competitors? If you aren’t currently ranking for that search, there is work to be done.


SEO for dentists is the optimization of a dental practice’s website to increase the likelihood of being found and clicked on. You can think of SEO as a first-come-first-serve approach. If you want to rank highly for a specific topic “teeth cleaning in Kansas City”, how can you reach the top of the search results? This keyword is heavily trafficked and will require a solid strategy to achieve positive results.

Keyword research needs to be conducted in order to understand which search terms are being used when this specific phrase is searched for. Content and landing pages will need to be created which incorporate these keywords so search engines can recognize them and begin to position your dental service as a reputable business that provides these services. Your website will need to be device responsive so if someone is on a mobile device or computer the website responds accordingly.

There are numerous elements to a dentist’s SEO strategy and it can be heavy lifting when getting started.


Starting out can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have any prior experience optimizing websites. At Agenda Media Group, we’ve been providing marketing services to brands across the country for over 10 years and understand the unique challenges different industries present. We’ve compiled a list of the top five most important elements to incorporate for your dental SEO strategy.

Know Your Words

Conducting keyword research is the first step to optimizing your website, content, ads, you name it. You need to understand what words are highly trafficked, which words your competitors are targeting, and determine which keywords you can and need to go after to be successful.

Some free keyword tools you can use to get started include Keywords EverywhereAhrefs, and Google Trends. The most important element when getting started is to understand search volume. Know which words your target audience are searching, how they search, and additional phrases they use. Once you have your keywords established, you can conduct additional research to see where you currently rank, what your competitors are targeting, where your competitors rank, high search times, etc.

Research is essential in your dental SEO strategy.

Nationwide expansion of SEO

Creating content is often something every business wants to do but can’t figure out how to get started. Creating a blog on your website where you post once or twice a month is a great start. This content should have keywords included related to the specific topic of the post so it can attract visitors who otherwise wouldn’t find you.

  • Content for dental services could include: Why brushing your teeth twice a day is important
  • Highest ranking toothbrushes – dentist approved
  • How often should I get my teeth cleaned?

When you need content ideas, think about what are people often ask you about. What are their common struggles? Creating relatable content is what drives the best results and as a service provider, you can provide your first-hand experience to readers around the world

Think Local

As a dentist, your local presence is your lifeblood. Unless you have multiple locations, you can only service those in a specific region. While people do travel for exceptional service and quality, they may not be included to drive over 50 miles to one dentist versus another who is closer to them. Your SEO strategy needs to be optimized to increase your local presence to attract new clients and retain your existing ones.

Services for Writing Content

  • Searches relative to your location (dentist in…, teeth cleaning in…)
  • Including your location on your website and its landing pages
  • Register your business with Google Maps
    Link to other local businesses when applicable


Ready to optimize your dental website and increase business? We’re here to help! We’ve helped businesses across the Unites States increase website traffic through SEO and we’d love to help you too. Get a free quote today to understand where your dental practice currently ranks and how we can help you improve.

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